text tutorial v4

Font: Vtks Black
download it here

step 1

first, youre going to type out your sitename I'm using nymeria
now duplicate your text layer 2 times to have a total of 3 text layers
I also number the layers 1-3 for easy understanding.

on our first text layer you are going to add these setting to your text.
first I also used this gradient text effect from @PARISFALLS
then we're going to add an inner shadow
color black and copy the settings

now add an inner glow
color a lite yellow #ffffbe
and copy these settings

Now add a gradient overlay from black to white
and copy these settings

and lastly add a pattern overlay, you will need this dirt pattern and make your setting like this

Once done your text should look something like this.

step 2

Next we are going to our second text layer.
we're not going to do anything special but add another stroke
were are going to change your settings to match mines

and your text should look like this..

step 3

now for our last text layer
we're not going to add a stroke
pattern//dashed lines copy my settings

then we are going to add a drop shadow
change the color from black to #6c6c6c
and copy my settings

once you've done that your text should be all done and look like this