Today is a new day and with that our first text tutorial. So we will be making this text style.

resources you'll need for this tutorial

Dirt pattern; download
Font Bulletto Killa;
Color scheme
Basic photoshop knoweldge


So first chose your font, I am using Bulletto Killa you can download it h e r e and I kerned my text -150 pixels. So it would look like this.


So now that step 2 is complete we will need to pick our colors, I am using a 4 color scheme for this tutorial it's up to you on how many colors you would like to use.I used a tutorial from parisfalls.net once you follow that tutorial your text should look like this.

step 6

Ok now the hardest part is over time to add effect to make the text look awesome!! So first duplicate your text layer 2 times. So you will now have 3 text layers.

step 7

Now on the first text layer you will need to add these layer effect's.
Match your setting

Inner Shadow

Inner Glow

Gradient Overlay

Pattern Overlay

and your first text layer will look like this

step 8

Get your second text layer and add these layer effect's This can be added to the first text layer I didn't

Match your setting

Stoke color #f4f4f4

Your text will look like dis you can't really tell because my background is gray but the stroke is there.

step 9

The third text layer, click on your move tool and just use the right arrow key and shift the text to the right 5 times. Then add a layer effect and change the color overlay to a lite gray #f4f4f4

Match your setting

Your text will look like this you again you can't see it but it's there.

step 10

Ok last step now your going to want to do an apply image. To do that make a new layer above all text layers.

While the new layer is selected go to image and click on apply image make sure that your background is empty.

Your going to get a pop up window just match your setting's to mine.

step 11

Now that is done we are going to drag that layer to the bottom of all our layers and add a layer effect to it. What I did was I added a stroke color #3e3e3e.

Match your setting

And a drop shadow.

and now you're done and your text should look like this.

If you need any help you can download the text psd of this tutorial RIGHT HERE. Also if you have any questions just comment the shoutbox and I will do my best to help you